How Often You Should Apply A Hair Mask, According To Experts


Unfortunately, hair masks are not a one-size-fits-all venture. In fact, how often you should use them varies greatly depending on the health of your hair and what specific hair mask you’re using. 

“Hair mask use can vary based on hair type, texture, hair condition, and frequency of shampooing,” Hill says. For bi-monthly color-painted hair, maks can be used monthly, she says, whereas tightly coiled, dry hair could benefit from weekly masks.

In terms of formulas, there are a few standout ingredients you’ll want to look for: Hill recommends hunting down a product that has, “fatty acids, such as shea, avocado, coconut, and glycerin hydrolyzed protein.” Additionally, she says, “certain clay-based masks are excellent and are filled with additional minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to healthy hair and scalp.” You’ll likely find clays in clarifying options, which come with their own schedule. 

Now you want to be sure that you aren’t overwhelming your hair with too many protein-rich products as that can lead to dry, brittle strands (it’s a delicate balance; read up on protein overload here), so be sure to check your other products before adding in a protein hair mask—if you see buzzwords like keratin, biotin, hydrolyzed quinoa, amino acids, bond-building, or silk protein on your hair care labels, that’s a pretty good sign you’re dealing with a protein treatment. 

To sum it all up: if your hair is generally healthy and you’re looking for routine maintenance, go ahead and stick to monthly hair mask use. If you are on a healthy hair journey and want to keep your parched strands hydrated and strong, weekly use is great. You can also shake it up and switch off which hair masks you’re using, as they all have different benefits—clarifying, protein repair, hydration, the list goes on. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list of 11 of our go-to hair masks for dull, dry strands. 

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