These Are The 7 Best Side Hustles in Hawaii


Many Hawaii residents would appreciate a little extra cash in their pocket during the month. Fortunately, with a great side hustle, boosting your income without the same amount of commitment as you get with a traditional job is possible. Along with pulling in more money when needed to build some space in your budget, you may be able to have a bit of fun, too. If you aren’t sure what might work, here are seven of the best side hustles in Hawaii.

1. Surf or Scuba Instructor

If you’re a solid surfer or scuba diver, teaching others how to navigate the waves and water safely could become a great side hustle. Along with assisting tourists, there may be locals who’d appreciate lessons, too. Since that’s the case, you may be able to get some steady side hustle income while punctuating it during tourist season.

In most cases, you’ll need to get certified if you’re going to teach others to surf or scuba dive. That way, you can advertise some solid credentials and ensure you have the right level of knowledge. You’ll also want specialized insurance to protect you and your students.

Having enough equipment for students may be necessary, as well. Often, having your own extras gives you the most control, so that may be preferable. If that isn’t practical, then partner with a local rental shop.

It’s important to note that if you sign up with a surf or scuba school to make this side hustle easier to manage, they may handle the insurance and gear. Additionally, they might advertise on your behalf, making it easier to find students. Just keep in mind that they may require some level of time commitment, causing the side hustle to work functionally as a part-time job.

2. Food Truck Operator

For anyone who enjoys cooking, operating a food truck could be an ideal side hustle. There’s a substantial upfront investment. Food trucks often cost tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, you’ll need enough inventory to cover your service. The licensing requirements are strict, too, and you might need to invest in some advertising to attract customers as you build a reputation.

However, if you have the means to get started, it can be a solid option. You can pick a limited menu designed to appeal to beachgoers or local business employees. Then, find a great place to park, and the customers may come to you faster than you’d expect.

3. Vacation Rental Housekeeper

Many property owners turn homes and condos into vacation rentals, allowing them to earn income from investment houses or second homes. Since they may not live in Hawaii, it’s fairly common for them to hire housekeeping services to keep the rentals looking great between reservations. As a result, it can become an excellent side hustle opportunity.

With this, you have two choices. First, you can broadly advertise your services, picking up appointments as you need. Second, you can partner with a few property owners, becoming their go-to person and handling the cleaning tasks based on their rental schedule. In either case, it’s possible to create a steady income stream while maintaining a reasonable amount of flexibility.

4. Luau Performer

When it comes to popular attractions, tourists frequently flock to luaus. Often, these events include a meal and a show. If you prefer a more active side hustle, then performing in luaus could be a great option.

Precisely what this involves could depend on the nature of the luau. However, you’ll need to make sure you can attend practices and shows as needed, usually on a schedule that works more like a part-time job. Still, if you’re looking for a fun gig and enjoy entertaining, it could be an option worth exploring.

5. Bartender

Tending bar is a classic side hustle option. Finding opportunities outside of traditional work hours isn’t typically challenging, particularly if you’re near a tourist area. Additionally, you may be able to limit yourself to just a night or two each week, essentially functioning as a relief bartender for a full-time employee.

Along with an hourly or nightly wage, tips are usually part of the equation, increasing your earnings power. Plus, you may get a chance to engage with people from all over the world, making the worth itself more interesting.

6. Fishing Charter Deckhand

If you enjoy being on the water and have a knack for fishing, becoming a deckhand for a charter boat could be an excellent side hustle. With most of these, you’ll be helping tourists, ensuring they have a great experience while they fish the waters near Hawaii. Additionally, you may assist with some boat maintenance and stocking.

As with bartending, this may work best as a side hustle if you’re providing relief for a full-time deckhand working on the boat. That way, you’re limiting yourself to just a few outings per week. However, if you’re open to more days than that, opportunities are often available, particularly during tourist season. Just be aware that this side hustle may involve some very early mornings, so only go this direction if you’re comfortable with that.

7. Property Manager

Another great option in areas where vacation rentals are popular is property manager. With this, you’ll help owners find people to rent out their properties, allowing them to generate income.

In most cases, the work is reasonably straightforward. You might manage online listings on vacation rental sites, engage with prospective renters to answer questions or secure reservations, and handle issues that arise when someone is using the property. Cleaning the properties and arranging for needed maintenance or service may also be your responsibility.

Some property managers may go further. For instance, they may handle all advertising, including ads outside of the vacation rental websites. Others may operate as bookkeepers, tracking the financial side of the equation for the owner. However, that isn’t always the case.

Do you agree that the options above are the best side hustles in Hawaii? Is there another side hustle that you want to recommend to anyone living in the Aloha State? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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