7 Benefits Of Cold Showers For Skin & Hair, From Experts


Cold showers are generally OK for all skin and hair types to handle. “The concept of cold therapy or skin icing is not a new one. In fact, it has been around for centuries,” Shamban reminds us. However, “those with highly sensitive skin may be more sensitive to extreme temperatures,” she notes, including extreme cold, so make sure your body can handle the chill. On that note, you should always listen to your body, especially if you’re new to the practice—a freezing shower might be shocking for a few seconds, but it should never feel severely uncomfortable. 

Both Shamban and Rodney also recommend steering clear if you have an irregular or arrhythmic heartbeat, as you don’t want to put additional unnecessary stress on your heart. If you’re at all concerned, make sure to speak with your doctor before testing the waters. 

Finally, remember to slather on a body lotion after stepping out of the shower, regardless of water temperature. Those water droplets—whether hot or cold—can easily evaporate off the surface of your skin and leave it even drier than before.  

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