Weekly Horoscope For Feb. 28–March 6, 2022, From The AstroTwins


After extensive tours through serious, traditional Capricorn—including Venus’ retrograde from December 19 to January 29—they lighten things up by moving on to Aquarius. Venus will be here until April 5 and Mars until April 14, and on Sunday they’ll toast each other with an exact connection. While this is their second of two exact conjunctions in 2022, it’s been years since they shared a moment like this in the Water Bearer’s realm. As romance meets passion in an unforgettable swirl, give in to the desires that swell up inside you. If you have a partner, then all you need is some alone time—and a willingness to experiment! Singles might strike a spark with a new friend, Tinder date, or a random fix-up. Cast a spell with your intellect and wit, and stay open to serendipity!

With these heavenly heartthrobs canoodling in the sign of casual connections and unconventional relationships, life feels much sweeter—and hotter!—when you’re pushing the envelope. A mutual contact could play matchmaker, and online connections ignite. For couples, this period can spark honest dialogue about the way you envision a happy union. Drift as far from the standard playbook as you want. From living in separate spaces to opening up a relationship to exploring a gestational carrier, no topic is off-limits. Create a safe environment where you can discuss your desires freely. Talking about them doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually pursue these things. The point is to banish fear or possessiveness, which will create breathing room for your individuality.

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