24 Long-Distance Relationship Gifts To Make Them Feel Special


The gifts you give your partner will obviously depend a lot on who they are, what kinds of things they like, and what their love language is. (For some people, gift giving itself is their love language, but even those with other love languages will have their own preferences for gifts.)

According to licensed marriage and family therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D., LMFT, CST, the most important thing to focus on when gifting is the meaning behind it. “Gift-giving can be really special, even if it’s not one of your love languages. The thing people care about is the meaning behind it,” she previously told mbg.

She adds that you definitely don’t need to break the bank to give a meaningful gift. If they’re a words of affirmation type, for example, you could send them a love letter. “The personal aspect of it just really makes us feel seen, heard, validated, and accepted for who we are,” she says.

And of course, you can make your gift-giving even more special by totally surprising them, therapist and relationship expert Ken Page, LCSW, previously recommended to mbg.

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